Are You Fit to Lead?

Read all about our Co-President Manda Goldberg’s experience working with She’s Fit to Lead this past summer!

By: Manda Goldberg

Last semester I was lucky enough to come across Lisa Taubes and Randi Salko the Co-Founders of brand new site, She’s Fit to Lead, the “Confident Girl’s Guide to Living, Loving, Learning and Earning in the Real World!” After meeting these amazing women IUntitled
started working with them and helped them with the initial launch of the online community of

I worked on everything from social media marketing and optimization to creating a marketing plan for the brand. Each day I traveled to the COO’s house where we worked together on creating a website and a business plan. I helped implement different digital media plans as well as community outreach.

As I traveled this past summer in Paris I continued to work and research for the brand as I had major plans for the upcoming fall semester. I have currently created a new club on campus IC She’s Fit to Lead, the company’s first official collegiate chapter. She’s Fit to Lead at Ithaca College, will create strong and 
empowered female leaders. 
With a focus of mind and body wellness, IC She’s Fit to Lead strives to help
 women unlock their inner strength. By learning from each other and sharing our
 experiences, we will inspire future leaders.



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