How PRSSA Helped Me This Summer

Read about our Director of Promotions Menalie Hyde’s summer interning at NEOS LLC.

By: Menalie Hyde

Over the summer I was employed as a full-time marketing intern at NEOS LLC, a business consulting company in Hartford, CT. It was an amazing opportunity for me, gaining experience in the work world. At my internship, I ran Key Performance Indicator reports, assisted with their rebranding initiatives, helped maintain their website, and provided graphics creation assistance as needed. Not only were all the employees helpful but they were kind as I was learning throughout the summer.

Picture2During my interview for the position, the Senior Analyst I was speaking with saw that I was a part of PRSSA on my resume, and told me she had also been in her school’s PRSSA chapter. It was nice to have that shared commonality and connect over our educational experiences. I also attended the LAGRANT scholarship conference this summer, and many people there knew the significance of my involvement of PRSSA.

It was mind blowing for me to see how well-known the PRSSA organization is, and how members stand out among applicants, as I did for my internship. I’m so excited to be a part of this organization again this year and am looking forward to what we’ll accomplish as the year continues!


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