A Fresh Face in Politics

Read about youngest politician running for office told by the PRSSA Blog Team.

By: Mariana Camejo

It’s no longer March and Women’s History Month. In fact, it is past April 1st and Donald Trump still hasn’t announced his campaign for presidency is just a joke. However, one of the youngest women is running for congresswoman, leading an empowering trail for women and adding new meaning to the word “politician”.


Erin Schrone is a 24 year old woman who is running as a Democrat in California’s second district. She’s shining light on progressive issues for women, environmental action, social justice, public health, and responsible consumption. If she wins, she would become the youngest woman in congress. “We think of politicians as a different breed of human and one of the goals of our campaign is to expand the definition of politician. Expand the definition of who can run. Make running mean something.” Schone’s plan is to inspire young people, especially women and Millennials, to stop shying away from politics and to have their voices heard. She wants to spark the thought that there is no difference between 24 and 50, or man and women. Age truly is just a number, and she believes we should have a House that truly represents the people. The United States population is 51% made of females. Yet 90% of lawmakers in Congress are male, 89% of the House of Representatives are male, and an astounding 93% of the Senate are male. How does that accurately represent the people?


Schrone’s platform focuses on environmentalism, education, human rights, and many other progressive “controversial” topics that she doesn’t find so controversial. “Paid leave, equal pay, access to reproductive health, must be assured now. It’s 2016. I’m a proud woman and that has to be at the top of any agenda.” Schrone has high hopes for any result or turn out. She just wants people out there talking about their problems, and instead of critiquing the system really involving themselves and finding the power to make a difference. “I hope to reinvigorate a culture of public service and civic engagement, to show young women what’s possible, and to expand our definition of what a politician can be.” Erin is spreading word of her campaign to her target audience right where we spend an average of 9 hours a day: social media. Schrone has everything covered: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, even Linkedin! Her social media powered campaign has helped her gain national headlines with #ErinForUs and as another empowering woman fighting for gender equality and feminism.  Who knew politics could have such a fresh face.






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