Read Something: How Committing to Reading the News Enhances your PR Abilities

Learn how reading the news can benefit your PR career told by the PRSSA Blog Team.

By: Bianca Esposito66.png

One of the best pieces of advice, and possibly the most simple, that I received at my PR internship last summer from a top executive was, “Read what’s going on in the news and in the industry every day, and commit to at least one news source you like. It can be from cover to cover or just reading online articles, read something.”

I remember her saying that everyday she read the newspaper, The New York Times, from cover to cover prior to arriving at work and communicating with clients and colleagues. This helped her communicate and produce work that was fresh, relevant and innovative. She said that those who excel in PR firms are often the ones who are dedicated to staying up to date with the world around us, as well as evolving technology, media, political, and entertainment trends.

As someone who did not read a news source daily at this time, this information sparked my interest and inspired me to start a new goal to commit to reading a news source every day.  After just a week of reading the daily news (I chose Huffington Post and as my news sources), I was amazed at how much MORE I had to offer at client brainstorm meetings, team meetings, and even in my pitch and press release writing. It tremendously helped to know and use examples of current topics in the media, the latest trends, viral content, and ultimately to know what was going on so I could apply it to my work and interactions with clients and colleagues.

So if you’re looking for a new summer goal, prepping for an internship, interviewing with an employer, or just want to enhance your knowledge, communication, and writing skills, read the news. If you aren’t interested in reading traditional newspapers, opt for an online news outlet such as,, or even (the news section of course). Put your phone away, turn the music off, and commit to reading something valuable once a day that will make you valuable in any work or social setting.




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