Networking: It Can Even Happen in Your Sweats

Learn how networking has helped one of our blogger’s internship search told by the PRSSA Blog Team.

By: Hannah Byron

If I had not gone to the gym at approximately 5 pm on a Wednesday afternoon in March, I would not have received a paid internship at a Public Relations firm this summer. I have heard repeatedly how important and helpful networking is, but I truly saw the beauty of this tool when I ran into a fellow Ithaca student at the gym this semester.

1After chatting with her, this student simply gave me the contact information of an Ithaca College alum who she met at a networking session during winter break. After emailing the alum, we set up a phone interview and I sent a few of my writing samples. Two weeks later I received an email saying I had been offered an internship that can be paid, unpaid, full time, or part time!

As a First-Year student, I was shocked and elated to be given this opportunity. There was not a job position posted on the organization’s website, therefore I would not have known about this job unless I used my networking skills.

Of course, networking is truly what you make of it. It is crucial to persevere for an opportunity when given the resource. I made sure to keep the Ithaca student updated with the situation and thanked her tremendously, emailed the contact immediately, and was open about what I was looking for in the position when I was interviewed. As long as you are passionate and determined, networking will always work in your favor. Always be prepared for these types of situations, as well, because you never know when or where it can happen!


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