Creating Your Personal Brand

Read how to build your personal brand told by the PRSSA Blog Team.

By: Lindsay Wishnew

One of the best things about being you is that there is no one else like you. No one has your strengths, abilities or character. Therefore, creating your personal brand can be very empowering and allow you to market yourself to employers. Positioning yourself well on social media can help establish your personal brand even more.

Here are five ways to create your personal brand:

  1. Understand Yourself

In order to create your personal brand, you have to know yourself. Sit down and create a list of your strength and weaknesses. Figure out what your passions are.  How can they help you invest further in your career path and improving yourself as a professional? It is so important you accept yourself and be happy with who you are in order to be able to market yourself as a professional.

giphy (32)


  1. Think of Yourself as a Brand

Start to think about what you want to be associated with. The further you understand how you want to be perceived, the better you can market yourself.  Associate yourself with the things you value the most and work from there.

giphy (33)


  1.  Be Authentic

We might live in the digital age but that does not mean you shouldn’t be human! It is important to use social media to benefit yourself and your strengths, not create an alternate persona.

giphy (34)


  1. Be Smart on Social Media

While building your online persona is key, it is just as important to be smart. That means if your grandma saw that picture you posted late last Saturday night, would she be cool with it? Employers can easily access your social media pages when they are considering you for a job. Be consistent with your brand, but also be smart.

giphy (35)


  1. Have Fun With Creating Your Personal Brand!

This is a great opportunity to get to know yourself better and make yourself marketable, so have fun with it! So, get to making those lists and editing your social media cites!

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