Fitbit: Stepping into the Corporate World

Read how Fitbit is helping corporate wellness told by the PRSSA Blog Team.

By: Andrew Cornell

“To empower and inspire you to live a healthier, more active life.” The Fitbit company mission reflects the common trend over recent years in which health and exercise have taken top priorities in people’s lives. As a result, the fitness technology company is taking full advantage.


When Fitbit was created in 2007, CEO James Park had no intention to sell his wearable fitness technology to corporate companies. He said, “At the time, I found it strange … why would these businesses want to buy a Fitbit?” Well, in less than ten years, Fitbit has exploded into the corporate marketplace. With major customers such as Bank of America, IBM, and Kimberley Clark, Fitbit has made its footprint on corporate wellness.
The factor that makes Fitbit so intriguing for so many companies is that it allows them to do away with the old and outdated wellness trackers. With wellness at the center of attention, especially throughout many corporations in terms of their employees, a technology to the level of Fitbit’s is gold. Don’t think that this was all just a fitness fad, because the Fortune 500 Company, Target, has recently declared that they will offer 335,000 Fitbit Zips to their employees. As pounds drop off the scale, Fitbit’s sales skyrocket.

One concern for Fitbit in this realm of business is maintaining its companies image in terms of privacy. With HIPPA laws all over the corporate world, it is hard to determine the legality of data acquired on the devices through wellness programs. The Fitbit CEO provided the sentiment that his company will never sell data to third parties or work with employers that don’t meet the privacy standards. Obviously the image of the company is in no harm of being tarnished with the great leadership and vision that Park exhibits.

Eat right, exercise, and feel great. We are told this everyday outside of work, but now Fitbit is allowing us to hear it inside the workplace as well. With innovative products and a cohesive company vision, Fitbit is taking steps toward even more success.



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