Pinning the Advertising Industry

Read about how platforms like Pinterest have adapted to a fast paced society and how advertisers can take advantage of in-app advertisements, as told by the IC PRSSA Blog Team.

By: Phoebe Ertel

In a society and generation where reading has become a “chore,” the realm of videos has prevailed. This has drastically changed the world of advertising due to the fact that modern day ads are slowly becoming shorter and simpler as time goes on. It’s becoming less common to find people actually willing to stop and read large groupings of text in this high-speed and demanding era. This is where videos and video advertising comes in. Studies have shown that more people are willing to sit and watch a video clip/ad rather than take the time and read a short amount of text on a typical print or digital ad.


The famous digital photo-catalogue application, Pinterest, decided to capitalize on this opportunity and announced they would be offering in-app video advertisements. Advertisers now have the opportunity to create short promotional videos that will pop up on Pinterest users’ activity feed page. Users will initially see a short preview of the video on their feed, which they can then choose to watch in full if they’re interested. Videos won’t auto play like on Facebook and Twitter. Instead, Pinterest’s video ads will play at a speed that corresponds to the users’ scrolling pace. Each video ad will also display six related pins (images) that advertisers can custom select to go along with their video, and there will be a “buy” button that comes up with the video’s designated pins which will allow users to purchase items right on the spot.

Listed below are a few facts that show how important videos are and how much they can impact the world of advertising and publicity:

  • About 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube everyday
  • About 1/3 of shoppers will purchase a product after viewing a video ad about it
  • More than 700 videos are shared by Twitter users every minute
  • 88% of short video pieces, around 30 seconds, are watched through to the end on mobile devices

All of these facts truly display how videos and video advertisements have changed the world of media. With Pinterest’s extension into the video ad world, many advertisers will find this growing media platform much more successful in comparison to the traditional use of ads. Videos are a huge part of the publicity world and can impact how the public views anything from a product to a presidential candidate.


Mike Bidgoli, Pinterest’s Product Manager for Monetization stated, “there are a lot of places where users can watch video but can’t take the next step to learn more about a product or buy it — on Pinterest, people are here to do that.” Bidgoli also added, “video on Pinterest is not just about offering marketer’s views, but about offering action.” Nearly 70% of Pinterest users have claimed that videos on Pinterest have caused them to take an action on whatever the video may be. It’s only time before the advertising industry changes ad-platforms, but for now Pinterest will be leading the way in in-app advertising, and changing the way users and advertisers interact in one of the most progressive ways possible.



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