Making a Brand Part of a Lifestyle

Read about why it is important for brands to incorporate their products into their consumers’ lifestyles, as told by the IC PRSSA Blog Team!

By: John Flynn

Information is everywhere we turn these days. Social media has completely changed branding and the overall way the public views companies and products. Branding is more important than ever because there is so much competition and information being thrown at the public all at once. The struggle for companies to change their messages for emerging audiences is seen all too often these days. How can one company stand out with clear messages? The key is making your brand relevant and part of everyone’s lifestyles. This could be in general or targeted towards specific audiences or groups.


This past summer I worked with Mace Security International on social media and branding
that used a targeted brand strategy. Mace has a well-known and established brand, but wanted to expand its brand awareness within social media. The main goal was to get Mace products out in the public and a part of everyone’s lives. One of the components of the new branding plan was to target specific audiences like college students to make their products, such as Mace Pepper Spray, a main item on a student’s checklist for school. Since Mace is known for protection and security, the new strategy centered on using social media to make Mace products part of a student’s solution in addressing the growing concern of campus security.


Being a brand is more than just selling products. It is about creating an image and implementing your brand into the lives of people. For example, a simple product such as mason jars from Ball Corporation has become a must-have in decor, drink ware, crafts, etc.  Mason jars are being used for multiple functions within almost every dorm room and many weddings these days. They have also become an essential aesthetic of “arsty” people. I see people drinking their coffee in mason jars and using them as pen holders. A couple years ago no one really even used them other than in the kitchen. The brand capitalized on the retro feel of the product and used social media to get people talking about a simple jar.

mace4The goal of companies becoming part of a consumer’s everyday life goes hand in hand with social media. PR is about making clients well known and branded within a target audience. We see celebrities now doing this with their brands and products. They make their products part of their lifestyle showcasing them on Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram and trying to influence the public in craving the same lifestyle and products. Kylie Jenner is a prime example of this phenomenon and strategy. Her cosmetic line, Kylie Cosmetics, has sold out in just seconds due in large part to her social media campaigns. These campaigns only involve Kylie and her friends traveling around Los Angeles putting on lipstick with cool backgrounds and settings. People who want to be like Kylie and her brand buy the products.

In summary, the branding and press aspects of PR should be used by companies in a way that makes their products a necessity in the everyday lives of consumers. It will be interesting to see where social media will end up, and how much branding will slip into our everyday social media feeds.


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