Job Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts

Read about the do’s and don’ts of job interviewing so you’re more than prepared for any upcoming interviews, as told by the IC PRSSA Blog Team.

By: Amy Friedlander

Interviews serve as a key component for both the candidate and for the employer. They’re an effective way for an employer to determine who’s fit for the job and weed out potential candidates. For the person applying, it can also act as way to obtain more information on the responsibilities needed for the position and the company’s expectations and work atmosphere.


Although there are many other aspects involved in the application process such as a resume, cover letter and general application, an interview is arguably the most consequential. The candidate’s thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and inventiveness in answering questions will leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. Factors such as the interviewee’s appearance and personality can have a significant impact on the interviewer’s overall impressions too. The way that one presents himself/herself in an interview can make a lasting impact and can either be a benefit if one performs well, or can seriously hinder a potential opportunity. It is said that it takes only seven seconds for a person to judge someone upon meeting.

Interviews can be extremely formidable and nerve-wracking, even for people who have a lot of experience. The uncertainty of an interview can make it difficult to prepare for and plan out. Nevertheless, don’t fear! There are many simple steps that one can adhere to beforehand to ensure a more successful outcome. Some of these tips go a long way and require minimal work; you’d be surprised at how small tweaks can lead to a confidence boost and have a positive impact on the employer’s impressions of you.


Here a few simple do’s and don’ts when preparing for an interview:


Know Your Stuff!

  • Research the company ahead of time so you can ask detailed questions, appear knowledgeable and have greater insight about their work.
  • Show how much you care by appearing interested and eager.
  • Remember – it’s a two-way conversation so it’s encouraged to ask good, applicable questions!

Dress to Impress!

  • Dress for the position and follow the company’s dress code.
  • The simpler the better – don’t walk in with a flashy and distracting outfit.
  • Your dress will reflect your attention to detail and how put together you are.

Body Language

  • Good posture is extremely important – it’s a telling of one’s level of confidence.
  • Smile in moderation. You want to appear friendly and confident, but don’t force a smile, especially when it’s not appropriate.


Don’t Use Electronics (unless the interviewer says otherwise)

  • Don’t forget to turn your phone off! A buzz from a device can be a serious distraction.
  • Never check your phone or have it out during the interview.

Don’t Act Unprofessionally

  • Don’t make inappropriate comments to your interviewer.
  • It’s okay to be less serious occasionally to not appear robotic, but stay away from joking around.

Don’t Talk Too Much

  • Don’t over answer questions or go off on unnecessary tangents.
  • Don’t discuss personal matters that are irrelevant to the job position.
  • Over talking can imply nervousness, so don’t ramble or discuss something that may be asked later on.

Overall, be positive, truthful, and put together! Even though preparation is key, don’t overthink; stay calm and confident!


Job Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts for Job-Seekers



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