Internship Application Time Is Coming…

Read about how to manage summer internship pressures from the perspective of a sophomore communications student.

By: Mariana Camejo

Just as my fellow PRSSA member Rachel Mooney stated in this week’s earlier blog, while it’s winter and there’s still snow on the ground, believe it or not warmer weather is approaching. Summer plans begin to arise, and so does the stress of finding an internship. As a sophomore who has yet to have an internship, this is like a dark cloud of stress looming over the sunshine and warm water that I’m picturing to swim in this summer.

Of course I need an internship. There is no other option! I will fall behind all my peers and never be a success after graduating. Then questions run into my mind at a million miles a minute: What do I do? Where do I start? Am I even worthy of an internship? Where would I go? I don’t know what I’m doing or what I want to do!


As more anxieties about my nonexistent summer plans occur, my eyes widen when I realize these thoughts I am having are not just going through my head, but through many of my peers’ as well. In a sea of highly employable students that sit next to you in your classes, it can be very overwhelming when one student is talking about how she interned for the Travel Channel last summer and already has an interview for her next internship, and another adds that he was just on a Skype interview with Paramount Pictures yesterday.

In times like these you just need to take a deep breath, and take a step back. I’m not the only one in this stressful mentality, and you are not the only one either. And I’m here to reassure both of us: There is plenty of time, but don’t slack off!

Stop ignoring all those emails about internships and help from Handshake and Career Services. If you’re not receiving those emails, time to sign up for them! Ithaca College has great resources and connections. Use them! Go and meet with your department’s internship coordinator. If you are a communications student this would be Laurie Greenberg, who is experienced and very helpful. Ithaca College also has a great platform called Handshake. This is a great database to find internships through Ithaca College’s network of alumni and connections. You can email alumni for more information and help as well! Most importantly, go and make that appointment with Career Services and buffer your resume until it is perfect. You cannot apply anywhere until you have your resume all set. All these tools are out for our use for a reason!

Something else I wanted to let both of us know: You are worthy and able. We are constantly underestimating ourselves. Don’t forget you’ve made it this far because of your ambition and passion. You have learned a lot more than you think. Look at your part time jobs, classes, group projects, and club organizations. There are so many great experiences within each category. Such as when you got promoted at your local frozen yogurt shop to a manager, or when a team member didn’t do his or her part in the group project and you had to step up and lead your team. All of those little things add up to a lot. If you are a freshman or sophomore it’s okay to not have everything under the sun and extraordinary experiences in your resume. Most of us simply haven’t had them yet. That’s exactly why you’re applying for an internship and employers know that! It’s all about how you present yourself. Use your confidence, your willingness to work, and your willingness to learn.



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