Dress for Success, Even If It’s Just for Yourself


Learn about the importance of looking the professional part in life, and how the way you dress affects your daily life, confidence and attitude.

By: Kristin Butler

When learning about nonverbal communication cues in college, one aspect of nonverbal gestures included what employees wear during work. There is a saying to “dress to impress” and even that you should “dress for the job you dream for,” not the one you have. It is proven that if you dress like the person or position you’d like to be in, many could visualize the possibility of you reaching that position. It’s important to dress well because it will not only make you appear more put together and organized, but it will make your day even brighter if you are feeling good in your own skin.


Dress for success. Do this for the same reason you should dress well on days you have exams or days you go out for something special. It just makes you feel good, and prepares you for the day. Here are some tips for dressing well, even if it’s just for yourself (because that’s more than enough of a reason to feel fancy and confident):

  1. Show sophistication with ‘smart casual’ style. You don’t have to go everywhere in a ball gown, and you can save those blazers for your interviews, but even if you want to go to class with a nice blouse or some high quality shoes, I bet your attitude will perk up along with your confidence! You’ll feel better, too.
  2. Pay attention to the details. You’ll immediately get attention when you dress well, even if you don’t realize it. Perception is an important aspect of life that should not be ignored, and first impressions are always important. Always be ready to dress for success because you never know who or what you could come across in your daily life.
  3. Keep it simple, and stay comfortable. Don’t let you outfit distract from who you are, let it accent your personality. You could even use color to express yourself! Make sure your outfit is comfortable, too. You can’t look and feel good if your clothes don’t fit right.
  4. Don’t forget to wear a smile! Your clothes don’t help you dress to impress and show positivity if you don’t wear it all along with your smile. Put on what feels right to you and that shows how serious and prepared you are for not only your day, but also your future. Don’t forget to add the most important accessory in your attire: your smile!










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