X Ambassadors Announce Concert Festival to Showcase Ithaca

Read how X Ambassadors, native to Ithaca, NY, are showcasing the city through a summer concert festival this September.

By: Mariana Camejo

April has begun and spring is in the air. As the weather grows warmer, the campus comes alive. You see people in hammocks, and others doing homework outside on blankets. Perhaps the best thing is all the musicians playing their music outside in the sun.

There’s something about music and summer that just go together. It brings memories of all the concerts you drive up to with all your friends. And somehow it all goes away once school starts. However, this year that summer jam feeling only gets better once we’re back at Ithaca after summer’s ended.

There is good news for those of you who crave to go to a music festival as amazing as Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Governor’s Ball. A new festival is being bred right here. This year: Cayuga Sound. The alternative-gone-famous band X Ambassadors have decided to launch a new concert festival here in Ithaca. Lead singer Sam Harris and his brother Casey Harris, who plays the keyboard for the band, are both Ithaca, New York natives. They wanted to give form to something that would give back to their community and the city they call home.


This will be a huge opportunity for the city to showcase its culture, environment, and community. It brings the hope to draw in music lovers from everywhere, as well as more shows to Ithaca. Advertisements for the festival have already been released on YouTube and Facebook through X Ambassadors pages. The festival has made a page for themselves with already over 2K likes. Even big entertainment names such as Billboard have publicized the event. The more views, the better turnout as told by the CPI ratio.

The festival will partake September 22-23, and there will be events all around Ithaca during that weekend. The event will most likely bring a lot of revenue to the small shops, restaurants, and stores, while making Ithaca more visible on everyone’s radar.

Not only is the band’s objective to help stimulate the small college town’s economy, but a portion of proceeds will be given to non-profits such as Friends Of Stewart Park, The Ithaca Youth Bureau, Greater Ithaca Activities Center, Planned Parenthood of Ithaca, the Community School of Music & Arts, and many more.

Everyone loves music, so why not use it for the greater cause. Maybe coming back to school won’t be that bad this semester.


For more information on Cayuga Sound Music Festival visit: https://www.cayugasoundfestival.com/

For the Promotional Video: https://youtu.be/DF6s3Inja7U




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