Read about how the recent updates to social media have impacted marketers, as told by the IC PRSSA team.

By: Phoebe Ertel

2017 has already been a year full of surprises with everything from politics to pop culture. But luckily, we’re living in a digital age where we are constantly updated on everything and anything that is going on around the world or even in just our neighborhood. These digital platforms not only allow us to see updates on the news, but also help connect us to brands and products. Social media has made a huge impact on marketing and how companies or brands can spread information and advertisements to their target markets. Advertisements on anything from Facebook to Snapchat fill our social media feeds and have now become a normal way to market in 2017. While you can just simply post an advertisement on a company’s social media page, there are now even more unique options for marketers to reach consumers.

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Instagram has been a hugely popular social media platform over the past few years for anyone who loves to post photos or view other people’s photography. Instagram is amazing because it allows anyone to express their creative side without being a professional photographer and do it right from their phone. One of the newer features on Instagram is the carousel, which allows users to post up to 10 photos, or even videos, in a single post. Users can swipe across the image to access the other photos in the carousel, which allows for marketers to post more content and promotional material in an efficient manner. Another new Instagram feature that has been extremely useful for both marketers and consumers is Instagram Shopping. This feature allows for certain brands to link their products directly from images they upload. This makes it much easier for consumers to find products they see through advertisements while benefitting brands and marketers as well. Finally, Instagram has jumped into the popular “Stories” feature inspired by Snapchat’s Story feature where users can post photos or videos that all their friends and followers can view. When marketers post Instagram Stories it allows for followers to see a short clip of an image or video they want to share which will then disappear in 24 hours. This is an extremely useful feature when running short-term promotions, flash sales, or anything that the brand or marketer doesn’t want to worry about keeping on their main page for more than a day.

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Another big addition to the social media world has been live video content. A variety of platforms have been adding the ability to create live streams so friends and followers can see what you’re up to in real time. A lot of brands have been capitalizing on this feature by doing live releases of new products and giveaways on their social media pages. Facebook was the original pioneer of live videos but now Instagram has jumped on board as well, giving marketers, brands, and even social influencers the ability to have what feels like a personal conversation with their followers. Many marketers have also been using this feature to advertise services, hold live interviews with CEOs and celebrities, and connect with their audience/consumers through the comments sections by answering questions in real time. Live video has truly revolutionized the way marketers and brands can connect with their consumers while also advertising new and unique content. While all these new forms of digital marketing/advertising are revolutionary and unique, just wait until the end of the year to see what crazy new features social media will also bring us.





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