Last Minute Tips To Rock Your Interview

Learn four last minute tips to help you prepare for your interview told by the PRSSA Blog Team.

By: Hannah Byron

It’s that glorious time of year – anxiously awaiting email responses from the numerous internship programs you applied for or maybe are still applying to. Since this is my first year in college, I did not have a thorough understanding of the internship application process until I finally endured it myself. Applying for internships is not as simple as my naïve, freshman-self thought.


I have sent about fifteen applications and am still currently applying to more internships. It is out of my hands to see if I actually receive an interview from these various organizations, but it is still crucial to be prepared for an interview.

This semester I attended interview workshops, participated in mock interviews, and was interviewed for a few positions in person and over FaceTime. Interviews can be intimidating and awkward. It is uncomfortable to extensively brag about yourself to a stranger. However, I learned that you need to get over this uncertainty and sell yourself with confidence!

Of course there are multiple steps to complete before the interview, but the root of my nervousness appears right before the interview. There are four quick and easy tips that have helped prepare me the most.

  1. Superhero pose. Stand like a super hero for at least one minute and you will automatically feel amazing. I originally learned this advice from Grey’s Anatomy, but it is psychologically proven to make a positive difference in your performance.
  2. Tell yourself that you are excited for the interview. By telling yourself you are excited, you will actually feel excitement!
  3. Continue to make sure you are deeply breathing throughout your interview in order to prevent tripping up on your sentences.
  4. They are human. The interviewer has been in your shoes before and knows how it feels to be the interviewee! They understand that it is a nerve-racking situation and are most likely nervous too.


Having these four things in mind has tremendously helped me in my interviews. The simplest thoughts can help immensely, so give these four tips a try the next time you have a big interview!



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