E-Board Summer Internship: Philip


Read about the summer internship of our Treasurer, Philip, and his experiences with FOJP Service Corporation.

By: Philip Perricelli

philip1This summer I interned in Manhattan for an insurance company called FOJP. Over the course of my time at FOJP, I worked on various projects including creating a loss control business plan, preparing event seminars for client training, and helping to prepare a new client interface for the Insurance Services Department.

Even though my internship did not directly link to what I want to do out of college, I learned valuable lessons like working in an office environment and balancing major projects. Due to my first year experience at IC, I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to my internship, allowing me to be of assistance to the various tasks FOJP had me working on. The company treated me like an employee using all of what I produced when presenting to clients and weekly team meeting, which allowed me to have a hands on experience for my first internship.



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