Tis’ the Final Season

By: Hannah Byron

It’s the most wonder…STRESSFUL time of the year! With the thought of everything magical having to do with “home,” finals seem like one of the last things that would cross our minds as college students. Alas, with the first snowfall complete and the sound of fingers furiously typing those last minute study guides, home seems even more distant.

Where do you start when you have 47 things on your to-do list? Which assignment should you start first? Why am I the only one in my group who is doing the work? What even is sleep?

As I have learned from both my own study habit mistakes and successes, here are 5 recommendations to having a productive and bearable finals week:

1. Prioritize That To-Do List

Listing upcoming assignments, papers, and exams will set the tone for your week. Prioritizing items on your to-do list and designating time to each item makes a world of difference for actually getting the work done.


2. Shut Your Phone Off

At the very least, put it on do not disturb. It forces you to actually do work and takes away all those meaningless and addictive distractions.

3. Get Out of Your Apartment

Library, campus pub, local coffee shop, ANYWHERE but your dorm room, apartment, or house. Personally, I am the most productive when in an environment where other people are working. It makes me feel more energized and motivates me to do work.


4. Treat Yo Self

Use insomnia cookies and copious amounts of caffeine to award yourself after an hour of studying or finishing a paper.

5. Take A Break

Studies consistently find that students can only effectively study for an hour max without taking a break. Taking five to ten minutes to go for a walk or have a dance party is re-energizing and allows your brain to return to studying feeling refreshed.


Just remember, this will ALL be over in a matter of a week. One week until you can overindulge in eggnog and become a slug for the month of January. Just a little longer. You can do this.


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