Getting to know Kelly Cutrone: Fashion PR Icon

Read about Kelly Cutrone, a prominent figure in the fashion PR industry, told by the PRSSA Blog Team.

1By: Kaitlin Watson

When interested in pursing a career in public relations, deciding which realm to venture into can be a difficult decision. One of the most prominent figures in fashion publicity is Kelly Cutrone, the founder of an extremely successful firm, People’s Revolution. Kelly has appeared on various reality shows such as The Hills, The City, Kell on Earth, and acted as a judge on America’s Top Model. Authoring two New York Times Bestsellers, it’s clear that Cutrone knows the industry. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Kelly relayed three essential tips for future public relations professionals:

1) Normal gets you nowhere.

“I think everyone who’s really successful does not behave in a normal way. So many famous people are not normal. Angelina Jolie, she’s not very normal. Adele doesn’t really look or act normal. Gaga – she’s made a fortune out of not being normal. Most people that are really successful dare to express themselves. To separate out of the pack and become the leader of their own pack.”

2) Find out what you love and do it.

“Do what you love. Find out what you love. If you don’t know, then just pick things. Be like, that looks like fun, I’m going to go and try that! Get an internship and see if you like it.”

3) Be unique and prepared at interviews.

“Be well rested. Eat before you go in. Make eye contact with people when you shake their hand. You’d be surprised how many people look away when they do. And as soon as somebody comes in, if they look away when they shake my hand I’m like, the interview is already over.”

Keep Cutrone’s tips in mind to nail your next interview like a true PR professional! Being true to oneself is always an important message—especially when it can give you an edge for employment. Confidence and preparation are key in securing the job of your dreams, and they are important tools to remember not only for a positive internship experience, but also in life.



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